Fan (Frank) Xue


Dr XUE, Fan (Frank, 薛帆)

Hi! I am Frank, Assistant Professor working on the theme 'AI + city' at Department of Real Estate and Construction, HKU. My theoretical work includes:

Assistant Professor
Office: KB512
Tel: +852 3917 4174
Fax: +852 2559 9457



Job experiences

As trained as a multidisciplinary engineer, I am trying to solve complicated problems in building and construction with computational intelligence:

  •  Urban computing: automatic BIM/CIM modeling, 2D-3D semantics, voxel, geo-data, visual object detection, personal smart assistant, common spatiotemporal data, blockchain, etc.,
  •  Optimization algorithm: derivative-free optimization (DFO), hyper-heuristics, combinatorial optimization, multi-agent system, & NK-modeling, etc.
  •  Machine learning: prediction, big data analytics, pattern recognition, text mining, semantics analysis,
  •  Urban sensing: IoT, RFID, NFC, LiDAR, VR/AR, Phone sensors, & Arduino, and
  •  Professional software: plugins (Revit, SketchUp, etc.), desktop solutions (C/C++, Java/EE, Python, Ruby, C#, etc.), websites (JSP, HTML5, PHP, etc.), & databases (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SQLite, etc.)

Research Projects


PI: HKU-Tsinghua SPF (HK$70,000 HKU side + CNY 70,000 Tsinghua side). A derivative-free optimization (DFO) approach for 3D scene understanding using civil engineering context. (Co-PI: Dr Hongling Guo)
Keywords: BIM; DFO; deep learning; 3D point cloud

Co-PI: HKU (HK$915,870). Development of an Urban Big Data Platform for Smarter Hong Kong: Integrate to Inspire. (PC: Prof Chris Webster)
Keywords: urban big data; urban computing; deep learning; street view; 3D point cloud

Co-PI: Key R&D Program of the Guangdong Province (2019B010151001, CNY 10 million). The applications of Virtual Reality technologies for cultural heritage conservation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area [面向粤港澳历史文化保护传承的虚拟现实技术研究与应用]. (PC: Dr Youyi Xiong)
Keywords: Digital conservation; VR; BIM; GIS; automatic as-is modeling

Co-I: NSFC General Program (71671156, CNY 493,000). A Social Network Analysis and NK-model based study of stakeholder relationship in mega construction projects [基于社会网络分析及NK模型的重大建设项目干系人关系研究]. (PI: Prof Geoffrey Shen)

Co-I: NSSFC Major Program (17ZDA062, CNY 800,000). Evaluation on the environment-resources carrying capacity in megacities and policy instruments with the big data background [大数据背景下我国大型城市资源环境承载力评价与政策研究]. (PI: Prof Liyin Shen)

Co-I: HK ECF (111/2019, HK$ 485,000). Big data-based "AI inspector" for gauging inert contents at the off-site construction waste sorting facilities in Hong Kong. (PI: Prof Wilson Lu)

Co-I: HK PICO SPPR (S2018.A8.010.18S, HK$2.9 million). Boosting Construction Waste Material Sharing in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area. (PI: Prof Wilson Lu)

Co-I: HK PICO PPR (2018.A8.078.18D, HK$447,350). "Finding the Needles in a Haystack": Identification of the Illegal Dumping of Construction Waste Using Big Data. (PI: Prof Wilson Lu)


PI: HKU Seed Fund for Basic Research (201711159016). 'Find them all': A multi-modal optimization approach for automated detection of repetition in urban scenes. 2018-2019. HK$111,050.
Keywords: 3D point cloud; repetition; multimodal optimization

PI: HKU Seed Fund for Basic Research (201702159013). Automated architectural symmetry recognition from 3D point clouds. 2017-2018. HK$300,000.
Keywords: 3D point cloud; symmetry; optimization

Co-I: NSFC General Program (60472123). Airport ground service scheduling optimization based on multi-agent coordination and data fusion [基于多Agent协作及信息融合的飞机地面作业运行控制优化算法研究]. 2005-2006. CNY 80,000. PI: Prof. W. Fan.
Keywords: multi-agent-driven algorithm; scheduling; airport


2020. Research Output Prize 2018/19: The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China.

2019. Best Paper Award of ICSBS'2019: International Conference on Sustainable Buildings and Structures, Suzhou, China.

2017. The Special Award for Joint Computing in Construction: The LC3 Innovation Competition 2017, Heraklion, Greece.

2017. Shortlist in the Construction Industry Council (CIC) Construction Innovation Award 2017, Hong Kong SAR, China.

2016. The only Best Paper Award of CRIOCM'2016: The 21st International Conference on Advancement of Construction Management and Real Estate (CRIOCM'2016), Hong Kong SAR, China.

2016. Dual winners of GECCO'2016 Combinatorial Black Box Optimization (CBBOC): The 2016 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Denver, USA.

2015. Tripple winners of GECCO'2015 Combinatorial Black Box Optimization (CBBOC): The 2015 Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Madrid, Spain.


Last update in Jan 2020. Please go to ResearchGate or Google Scholar for incoming entries.


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2011 ~ 2015

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2006 ~ 2010

MSc Thesis: Coordinating Multi-agent with Organization in Distributed Scheduling System 结合组织模型的多Agent分布式调度研究 (中文版). Civil Aviation University of China. Advisor: Prof. W. Fan.

Towards a learning-based heuristic searching reform scheme. EURO XXIV.

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Talks & Invited Lectures


Evolutionary computation with applications in 3D urban reconstruction. Civil Aviation University of China. 24 September 2019, Tianjin, China.

From geometric landscape to fitness landscape: As-built BIM reconstruction through optimization. Huazhong University of Science and Technology. 27 May 2019, Wuhan, China.


Derivative-free optimization: Theory and applications in construction management. Tongji University. 19 October 2018, Shanghai, China.

Demystifying BIM & Innovation. Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics. 18 October 2018, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China.

Urban Semantics in BIM & GIS: From source to sea. Department of Civil Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. 15 October 2018, Suzhou, Zhejiang, China.

An efficient approach for symmetry detection in point clouds of constructions. Visual Computing Research Center, Shenzhen University. 22 June 2018, Beijing, China.

Semantic enrichment for BIM and GIS: A computational perspective. Frontiers in Construction Management, Shenzhen University. 22 May 2018, Shenzhen, China.

Enriching urban semantics to fuse BIM and CIM for smart city: examples, prospects, and challenges. Technology Collaboration: The first BIM and GIS Conference, Cyberport. 4 May 2018, Hong Kong SAR, China.

Linking RFID to BIM: A demystification of research methods. Research Methodology, Renmin University of China. 21~22 March 2018, Beijing, China.


A Derivative-free Optimization Approach for Automated As-built 3D Modelling. CIB Student Chapter Workshop Series 2017. Aug 18, 2017, HK PolyU.

An optimization approach for automated as-built 3D modeling. REC Departmetal Seminars, Apr 6, 2017, HKU.

PhD and Job opportunities


Research Assistant in Big Data Platform: Efficient 2D/3D display and analysis of large-scale geo-spatial data on web. Preferred experiences in J2EE/JSON, responsive HTML5, Google Maps/Earth, and Cesium. Open until filled. (Contact: Frank Xue

Materials for new PhD/RA

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